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I understand your question such that you want to DROP that table, not DELETE FROM T it. That is a metadata-only operation and completes almost instantly on both instances. The page deallocations generate some load but certainly nothing like deleting 100GB of rows.


What is type of mirroring Sync or Async Yes there would be impact and impact would be in terms of amount of transaction log being generated. Delete logs each row which is being deleted so logging will be heavy. Your approach should be to delete in batches this would minimize lock escalation, blocking and thus would not hamper concurrency much. You should ...


We had to bring MS in on this one via a paid support call. After a week of dumps, xperf analysis, driver updates, playig with Virtual infrastructure we ruled out all the basics (or so we thought) - over a week later we found the problem - there was over 500,000 sys.server_event_notifications defined - these all looked as follows: name object_id ...

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