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Thanks for sharing all info, I checked above properties all steps still facing same error can you help me!


"Cannot alter database because database is not in the correct state to become the principal" 4 years later, but - This error occurs for two reasons: Database is not in Full safety mode. To fix: ALTER DATABASE dbname SET PARTNER SAFETY FULL Principal SQL DB can still be reached by SQL mirror, perhaps because the principal SQL instance is glitching but ...


Actually, I've solved it. The problem was with account for SQL Server in both server. I was using local account. Changed to domain-account, the same on both server, and everything worked


The answer is in the error - you will need to make sure that both servers i.e. the new db server and the witness can communicate using the certificate in question. There will be a certificate for each individual server and must exist on witness as well. So witness cert on the p/m servers and vice-versa

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