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To repair a corrupt .mdb database of MS Access, one can try Compact and Repair feature of MS Access. It repairs corrupt database and makes it accessible for database users. Other than this one can also use import feature of MS Access that helps database users import their corrupt database to a new database file. If both these solutions fail to fix this ...


Have a try Open access, go to the database tools tab, select compact and repair database. You can choose the database from there. Make sure you have a copy before you compact and repair. Have a look on the below link. http://semnaitik.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/how-to-repair-corrupt-access-database/


Please try by deleting the .ldb file. This will clear the lock on the mdb file and should allow you to get in and try and recover your data.


You can try to Compact and Repair your corrupt database. This is the very first solution you must try. If it doesn't work, this means the database is severely corrupted and can't be fixed by MS Access. In such situation you can use some third-party MS Access repair or recovery software. If you are looking for an effective and relevant solution, I will ...


ALTER TABLE table ADD COLUMN Start_Date TEXT(6) ALTER TABLE table ADD COLUMN End_Date TEXT(6) update table set Start_Date = Left(column,6), End_Date = Right(column,6)

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