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MSDTC provides transaction management services for applications. It can act as a regular transaction manager or an XA-compliant resource manager. SQL Server is the well known app that uses DTC but it isn't really a SQL Server feature or even component. MSDTC is really intended to provide transaction management for two or more distinct resources to ensure ...


Wrapping the 3 temp table inserts in one transaction with ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED seems to have stopped promotion to a distributed transaction and solved my intermittent problem. SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED; BEGIN TRANSACTION; DECLARE @TSQL varchar(max) SET @TSQL = 'select c1, c2 from OpenQuery([POSTGRESQL],'' ...


I fixed the problem by changing folder permissions on the Postgresql ODBC driver folder and giving read/execute access to Network Service. Because MS DTC runs under network service, which I confirmed by looking at the service properties. That got rid of the error!

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