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http://stackoverflow.com/a/10253763/3338098 don't increase memory usage, but instead disable the row locks by setting the transaction isolation level to what ever suits the individual situation. In your situation I would recommend READ UNCOMMITTED.


I was fighting with the exact same problem in a more intricate replication setup M1 <-> M2 -> S1 -> S2 where M1 and M2 is an active-passive (passive server = read-only) master-master replication setup and S1 + S2 are regular slaves chained from M2 via S1 to S2. I looked at Rolando's answer which seemed irrelevant to me and I tried Shlomi's ...


I ran CHECK TABLE and REPAIR TABLE and am no longer getting the "killed" message. Credit goes to @RolandoMySQLDBA but this has not been supplied as an answer.

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