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I do not see any problem (if you configure it properly: bin_log on, log_slave_updates, row replication, different server ids for all servers, same exact versions on all servers), but only if you use one of the clusters as read-only at any time.


The management node is not essential for normal mysql operations, except on: Installation and other cluster-wide maintenance operations It is by default the arbitrator node, which means that it holds the responsibility to decide if a particular partition continues running in the case of a split brain. Split brain is an important concept in clustering, ...


The cause of problem is no free nodeid to allocate for ndb_desc. ndb_desc will attempt to connect to management node as api node thus it need free node. To make free node for ndb_desc, management node need to have empty [mysqld] in global config config.ini (in production, I think the use empty [mysqld] is no safe because any client is possible to connect to ...

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