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According to database normalization technique create a separate for city, state and country. However if you're having only few records in company address table and there is no other tables are need address info, I think there is no point creating multiple tables.


You could try dbvisualiser, a - in my opinion - nice multi database, multi platform tool for SQL databases, that has a free and a licensed version.


Your update is the correct way to insert data. Using INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... requires a source table and is not meant to be used with static values. Using INSERT INTO ... VALUES ... is for inserting static data, such as CCC, into the table. The two are not interchangable and will cause the issues you've been seeing. You can check the documentation on ...


You cannot run OS commands in a MySQL CLI nor in MySQL Workbench. Why would you do that (except for trying to hack a machine via an SQL connection)? If you need to run an OS command, open a normal shell window (that still stands). Update: The system command only works on Unix like OSes (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/mysql-commands.html), e.g. Linux ...


Yes, it could be normal. With a "large table", you are likely needing to do a lot of I/O (unless you're using InnoDB and you've got a huge buffer pool allocated.) Unless you're paying for Amazon Provisioned IOPS, your I/O rate is going to be somewhat constrained on shared volumes. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/CHAP_Storage.html ...


I had the same problem and solved it : I have installed mysql via WAMP The process name of mysql is wampmysqld. => So i changed in the menu : Server -> Management access settings -> Windows Service Name It was written MySql and I changed it by wampmysqld and it worked


you can do the following to export the result into csv file using MySQL workbench SELECT * FROM mytable then the result will appear in the result table (area) all you need to do use export button in that area and save the file into any location you want.

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