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MyISAM table is stored as a heap, rows are being placed inside the data file into an empty place they can fit. If you are only inserting then that means appending new rows, but when the rows are being updated or deleted, some gaps are created and then later filled by other rows so the order of full table scan (which is what dump does by default) is not ...


I'll try and answer your question more fully here. This is what I do to start the mysql daemon manually. I've also included my my.cnf. By specifying the correct corresponding paths in your system, you should be able to do the same thing. I would also point out that this is a source install, but again, it should apply generally. ./bin/mysqld --defaults-...


--single-transaction is used to ensure the dump is consistent when dumping, it has nothing to do with import/restore. Loading a dump is not generally possible in a single transaction because many CREATE statements do an implicit commit. It is often not even desirable because for a rollback to be possible, the transaction needs to keep undo logs and if you ...


Based on this blog post When importing your database dump, you need to select Western (Mac OS Roman) as the encoding format for the file to import without issue.

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