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Not matter what you configure innodb_file_per_table to be (0 or 1), the following still occurs MySQL creates a database folder MySQL creates every table's .frm in a database folder EXAMPLE Your database directory (datadir) is /var/lib/mysql You run the following commands CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS mydb; USE mydb CREATE TABLE tb1 (a INT NOT NULL) ...


My guess is that you cant use limit in combination with --order-by-primary One way around this is to define the order by within the -where argument. If you know the primary key for the table: mysqldump -u lelle -p -w"1 = 1 order by <primary key> LIMIT 40" <database> <table> Note that <primary key> is a place holder for the columns ...


Sounds like the view is dumped before its base table(s). You should use information_schema.tables or other way to get only "real" tables, dump them first and then dump views. When you use mysqldump for everything, it handles that automatically.

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