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Redundant index. A PRIMARY KEY is an index, so there is not need for the redundant KEY no(no). (DROPping this will speed up things a little.) Agent. Where's the agent in the schema? Is it a varchar? or enum? or normalized SMALLINT UNSIGNED. The last would save space, hence improve speed, but would complicate the insert. Better index. Replace INDEX(ip) ...


I suspect this query has died due to the volume in the tables. Running a query that returns all userids 24000 times will eventually cause performance issues. At some point you your tables grow to the point they don't fit in memory (very fast access) and you end up reading data from disk (very slow queries for most queries. This is a sudden switch. One ...


Data does not have to be memory-resident in NDB. (That limitation existed long ago.) So, there is much more than 4GB limitation per pair of servers.

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