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The question one has to ask is: Will I ever need the address id and the subscriber id more than once? If the answere to this is yes, go with the second approach. If the answere is no you could still use the second approach, but most of the time it is more convenient to use the first one. If the triple ELECTRIC_SUBSCRIBER_NUMBER, GAS_SUBSCRIBER_NUMBER, ...


It depends. There are cases whether one design or the other are satisfactory. If you are doing a lot of queries only on the preferred or default entry, then the second option seems better. If, however, you are normally doing lots of queries for all the entries, regardless of whether they are preferred/default or not, the first option is a little easier ...


You would need a composite key to create an example of normalizing to 2NF. Your examples don't have that so they don't address the issue.


I cross-posted this to facebook and a friend commented with this solution. He doesn't have a SE account though. I'm trying to encourage him to make one, but until then, I'll go ahead and provide this. It might be the answer we've been looking for. SELECT SIK.Name AS [QuestionKey], SIV.JsonValue AS [ResponseValue], COUNT(SIV.Id) AS [Frequency] FROM ...

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