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I think you're on the right track with AtomicLong, but you'd have to run a scan operation each time your app starts to determine which value to start at. You'd want to test this to ensure it doesn't degrade performance too much. Another option is a metadata item. You could create an additional table for this, or you could add an item to your existing table ...


I have been in the noSQL field since last 3 years. Being a MongoDB DBA you need to work closely with Development and Ops team. Following are the things you need to do as day to day task as MongoDB DBA: The role can be broadly classified into three parts: Administration: New deployments (manual/automated) Deployment design of you database systems ...


DBA is a small acronym but a large role. At various times I have seen a DBA look after storage network VMs compute nodes installation and configuration of the above backups, and testing restores DR strategy enterprise data integrity ETL data security data modelling, normalisation and database design data tier programing performance tuning operational ...


Collection can be visualized as a table in RDBMS. document can be visualized as a row in RDBMS. Biggest difference is collection needs not have all the fields/columns. There is no joining of two columns. It is achieved by nested document.


Document in MongoDB is analogous to row in relational database. As opposed to relational database,MongoDB supports dynamic schema i.e documents can consist of varying fields. Collection is set of documents belonging to same entity similar to tables in relational database.


In the context of MongoDB, a document means any piece of valid BSON* (binary JSON). The word does not have the everyday meaning of, say, an MS Word file or PDF. A collection is a container for zero or more documents. There is no requirement for all documents in a collection to have the same structure. Indeed, that is one of the drivers behind the NoSQL ...

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