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The problem was in my C# Model POCO class code. ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32733038/why-is-c-sharp-and-mongodb-driver-code-connecting-but-failing-to-write/32798031#32798031 ) It took a while, but the problem was caused by the fact that I mistakenly used the int basic data type for the ID in the UserModel as opposed to ObjectId. Here is the ...


You shouldn't specify w: 2 in your query. You're asking to write to two nodes. See the docs here about write concern


Ok, while the question(s) is(are) rather complex, the answer(s) is(are) pretty simple, albeit a bit lengthy. The replication (simplified) When an operation is saved in the oplog, it does not get distributed to the other members. It gets pulled by the replica set members. A failed member rejoining the replica set will contact the primary and pull the oplog ...

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