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You need specific permissions to use OPENQUERY().


I fixed the problem by changing folder permissions on the Postgresql ODBC driver folder and giving read/execute access to Network Service. Because MS DTC runs under network service, which I confirmed by looking at the service properties. That got rid of the error!


Check the link server setup and see HOW the users connect to the link server. This can be done by going to Server Objects in SSMS -> Linked Servers -> [Link server name] -> right click then select Properties -> security tab. It can be done without a security context, using the current login's security context, or it can be done using a specific login. Find ...


Ok so sorry for taking this long to post an update but I found out that the database structure of the database I was trying to connect to with the software had to be heavily changed due to people messing up previous documentation on changes that needed to be made to the database structure to get it to the latest version for the latest version of the ...

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