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I found a decent example, although the SQL is not that much more complex (compared to SaasBase instead of MDX): source: Real-time “OLAP” for Big Data (+ use cases) - 2013


OLAP Cubes/databases have the following characteristics: Obtain already aggregated information according to the needs of the user. Easy and fast access Ability to manipulate the aggregate data in different dimensions A cube uses classical aggregation functions min, max, count, sum, avg, but can also use specific aggregation functions. MDX versus SQL : ...


MDX and SQL are in no way the same, and often not even comparable, as they are querying multidimensional and relational databases respectively. You cannot query your existing relational database with MDX. The main advantage of using a multidimensional model and using MDX to query it is that you are querying pre-aggregated data and that MDX is optimized to ...

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