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No that is not possible, only session accessing the GTT can see it. IF you wish, you can use a physical table and model it as if it s a GTT. It isn't difficult, but isn't very efficient either.


Well, I guess the database is expendable since there is no proper backup. So just drop and recreate the database. OK, seriously there are not many options left. Before you do anything shutdown the database and copy all files which belong to the database somewhere else! Because everything you do can make it worse. Once you did that you have 2 options: ...


You can't dynamically change the column you're sorting by using static SQL. You'd need to use dynamic SQL. Something like this should work create or replace FUNCTION someFunction(SortCol1 varchar2 default 'column1', SortDir1 varchar2 default 'ASC') RETURN STUFF pipelined AS c1 SYS_REFCURSOR; c1_rec ...

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