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It seems there was some issue with TOAD. I opened TOAD after they granted me DBA Role, yet it was like it did not take effect. I could query the USER_ROLE_PRIVS table and see I had the role, I could GRANT myself the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE, but when I called DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL it did not work. Since I had open TOAD after the access had been granted, I ...


To disable archive logging entirely you need to connect locally (important bit, or you'll get disconnected) and run sqlplus as DBA: C:\>sqlplus / as sysdba ... and then run: SQL> shutdown immediate; SQL> startup mount; SQL> alter database noarchivelog; SQL> alter database open; Additionally, run this to ckeck whether it's enabled: ...


What does it mean "no longer needed"? Archive redologs have "only one" usage, they can be applied onto the last full/incremental database backup to recover the database. So you either backup your development database and then you can delete them via RMAN during database backup. Or you do not backup your database and then you can run in NO ARCHIVELOG mode.

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