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Phil is right - you need to see if you have any orphan Oracle processes and ipcs shared memory. If you have more than one Oracle instance on your server, include the instance in your grep commands; more than likely, you may have some orphan Oracle processes still running. Assuming your SID is custdev, you could do a ps -fu oracle | grep custdev and ...


mmmmmpie offers you a very viable way to do it. However, especially if you want to get your test environment as close to possible as prod for testing purposes, I highly recommend you look into RMAN cloning. You will end up with a block-for-block recreation of your production environment, which IMO is worth its weight in gold in regard to performance tuning ...


This can be achieved with the expdp CONTENT flag: expdp username/password DIRECTORY=directory_object_name \ DUMPFILE=dumpfile_name \ TABLES=table_names|TABLESPACES=tablespace_names|FULL=y \ CONTENT=metadata_only


Valid cursor attribute name is one of %NOTFOUND, %FOUND, %ROWCOUNT, %ISOPEN. There is no %rownum attribute . In your question you use implicit cursors, so it should be sql%rowcount.

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