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mmmmmpie offers you a very viable way to do it. However, especially if you want to get your test environment as close to possible as prod for testing purposes, I highly recommend you look into RMAN cloning. You will end up with a block-for-block recreation of your production environment, which IMO is worth its weight in gold in regard to performance tuning ...


This can be achieved with the expdp CONTENT flag: expdp username/password DIRECTORY=directory_object_name \ DUMPFILE=dumpfile_name \ TABLES=table_names|TABLESPACES=tablespace_names|FULL=y \ CONTENT=metadata_only


Valid cursor attribute name is one of %NOTFOUND, %FOUND, %ROWCOUNT, %ISOPEN. There is no %rownum attribute . In your question you use implicit cursors, so it should be sql%rowcount.

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