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You can calculate a RANK/ROW_NUMBER based on this logic: ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY IMMS_ID ORDER BY CASE WHEN status='DI' THEN 1 WHEN status='OI' THEN 2 WHEN status='FI' THEN 3 WHEN status='OV' THEN 4 WHEN status='FV' THEN 5 END)


I found the issue. It is documented an oracle note (Doc ID 1086519.1). I used the first workaround listed which is to set CURSOR_SHARING to exact. ALTER SESSION SET CURSOR_SHARING=EXACT;


Your connection string is wrong. With easy connect you need to provide a hostname and servicename/SID. In your case you would provide sqlplus user/"SomePass"@HOSTNAME:$PORT/servicename If you want to configure your connection in the tnsnames.ora, you can connect to it using sqlplus user/"SomePass"@TNSALIAS I actually don't understand the part of your ...


First of all do not use database links for larger transactions. This can cause too many problems with blocking sessions. Another hint is to keep transactions in a good size (not to small, not to big). If your table is not partitioned then write a piece of code to remove just 1000 rows, commit and delete the next 1000 rows. You said something about alter ...

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