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There's not much information you provide, so this is only a guess. Your WHERE clause Tab2.Col1 = Tab1.Col1(+) may be backward, with regard to the (+) ... I would recommend switching it to a LEFT JOIN regardless, just to make it more readable.. select count(b.Col1) "Number of Records", --- CHANGED a.Col1 to b.Col1 a.col2 "Type", ...


As soon as your recovery thread is interrupted, making it impossible to recover from an earlier backup to the current time, the remedy is to take a backup before something more serious happens. Next investigate how the archives became corrupted and solve that. Backups are of no importance, important is the ability to recover from a disaster and for that ...


You should look here at Managed Tablespace Alerts, notably this bit where you can monitor by two criteria with warning and critical thresholds. By percent full For both warning and critical thresholds, when space used becomes greater than or equal to a percent of total space, an alert is issued. By free space remaining (in kilobytes (KB)) For ...


In order to find out the users and the profile assigned you can use the commands below. 1- DESC DBA_USERS; it will show you all the fields name for which you want to query 2- SELECT USERNAME, PROFILE, ACCOUNT_STATUS FROM DBA_USERS; This command will show you the user name, profile and account status i.e. which profile is assigned to which user

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