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You can use 12c ASM for 11g databases (even 10g), neither the MOS note nor the forum thread says you can not use it.


RAC requires a clustered file system: 1. ASM comes with the database 2. ASM provides a clustered file system 3. ASM was built specifically to do this Anything else would be an additional cost 3rd party product that you would have to integrate and get working with RAC.


ASM isn't just a file system. It's also a volume manager. An ASM instance is a cut-down Oracle instance that database instances talk to in order to find out how to access the blocks they need. The ASM instance doesn't write data to or read data from the disks itself, it only provides the information that the database requires in order to do this. This ...


If you can afford RAID, then go for it.. RAID or no RAID depends.. if your hardware provides redundancy then go with ASM and mirror it as you wish. Tom Kyte has brilliant insight towards this..try visiting his site as well.

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