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Some versions of SQL developer behaved oddly and these oddities may be relevant: if the program was saved in a file path with a space, Eg: "My Documents" it did not work if you tried to use an existing java install it might or might not throw an error that the java version was too old Try moving the program to a file path where you have rights to save. ...


The easiest way to register your listener at Oracle Grid Infrastructure is to run netca. If you want to configure the listener "LISTENER" you have to make sure that it does not exist in the listener.ora yet. One more thing: You should always configure your own host in the /etc/hosts file.


crsctl status resource -t clearly shows the cause of the problem, the listener is not registered in the clusterware. Undo all changes in listener.ora (or simply delete it), then: srvctl add listener srvctl start listener

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