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When you process a script in SQL Developer using the "Run Script" button (not the "Run Statement" button), it uses SQL*Plus internally to execute your script. Therefore using a SQL*Plus control setting which stops processing on errors should work. Try adding to the top of your script line like this: WHENEVER SQLERROR EXIT FAILURE


In my experience it varies from one company/situation to the next. As a dba I loved toad and sql developer because of the ease of use. However there are times where you're required to script things using the lowest common denominator. For example writing installation or upgrade scripts that may be delivered to a number of customers. Some may have ...


On Oct 24, 2011, I wrote some Stored Functions to perform Ancestor and Descendant traversals (Find highest level of a hierarchical field: with vs without CTEs ). From my post, you would use GetAncestry. From your data, the code in GetAncestry will traverse until it sees -1 as a parent id. No changes in the algorithm are needed except to change parent_id to ...

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