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You need to create an Oracle DIRECTORY first. CREATE DIRECTORY MYSTREAMSDIR as '/usr/oracle'; GRANT READ, WRITE ON DIRECTORY MYSTREAMSDIR TO YOURUSER; BEGIN DBMS_STREAMS_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE( grantee => 'nwisxfer', grant_privileges => false, file_name => 'grant_strms_privs.sql', directory_name => '...


XE does not support Streams, as officially documented. SE and SE1 support Streams but without redo capture. EE and PE (Personal Edition) fully support Streams, and also support Logical Standby.


Found it. Low-Watermark and High-Watermark for an Apply Process The low-watermark for an apply process is the system change number (SCN) up to which all LCRs have been applied. That is, LCRs that were committed at an SCN less than or equal to the low-watermark number have definitely been applied, but some LCRs that were committed with a ...


I was using sqlplus and I forgot to commit the changes. Before the commit, changes appeared only in the source database, but after I had committed them, the destination database got the new data.

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