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UPDATE In order to start the instance without interfering with an existing running instance (e.g ORCL), before starting anything: sqlplus / as sysdba create pfile='/tmp/initORCL2.ora' from spfile='?/dbs/spfileORCL.ora'; exit Edit /tmp/initORCL2.ora, and modify (add if doesn't exist) the instance_name: *.instance_name='ORCL2' Prevent listener ...


It seems that granting the privilege references allows the user to see the column names: grant references on the_table to app_user; The grant needs to be done for the base table not for the view.


version <= 11.2? No.* But in 12c, there is a new feature called Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance. The DROP PARTITION operation completes immediately, leaving the global index in usable state. The trick is, that index entries are not maintained, they are orphaned, and these orphaned entries will be cleaned up later. The cleanup process happens ...


These are the default values related to this: NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------ os_authent_prefix string ops$ remote_os_authent boolean FALSE Set remote_os_authent to true: alter system set ...

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