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Have you seen this? https://community.oracle.com/thread/889338?start=0&tstart=0 It states you can only exchange partitions from a partitioned table to a non-partitioned table, or vice-versa. You'd need to temporarily exchange the partition into an interim, non-partitioned, table, then into the target partitioned table.


A list of predefined roles in Oracle 12c can be found in the Security Guide. Also in Oracle 12c the view dba_roles has a column ORACLE_MAINTAINED. A 'Y' in this column tells you that this is a role created by the Oracle installation scripts. For Oracle versions before 12c this column does not exist. So for Oracle version lower than 12c you have to check the ...


This is really a Unix/Linux question, but it does relate to Oracle, so I'll give an answer. In Unix, the system makes great use of what it calls "spawning" (or "giving birth"). When you run a command, a new process is created which takes all of its information from the parent. Essentially, it's a copy of the parent - it's a new bash shell, which then sets ...

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