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Got a workaround from Oracle: /*+ opt_param('_simple_view_merging', 'false') */ or alter session set "_simple_view_merging"=false; So the following query works: SELECT COUNT(patientId) n FROM ( SELECT /*+ opt_param('_simple_view_merging', 'false') */ DISTINCT pat.patientId, pat.bval1, pat.bval2 FROM pat LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT /*+ CARDINALITY(tab ...


I figured it out. Instead of having the environment variables set for the user, they had to be asserted when starting the JVM for the application, just like you have to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CLASSPATH for the JDBC Driver. If everything is set when starting up the JVM, and you have a sqlnet.ora file in the directory you've set TNS_ADMIN, the file will ...

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