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Those other sections are there because they are included in the template cnf file from the package provider (Percona). You can create a user specific cnf file in your home dir that looks like the one below and they will get used when you run the mysql command: [client] user=$myusername password=$mypassword n.b. if you're going to store your credentials ...


mysql install my.cnf as template with all sections and commented help information for start work You generally will need only [client] section for connect use command line like user$ mysql -h -u root -p


You can use pt-query-digest which is part of the Percona Toolkit to identify queries that are running long. It can analyze queries from General Query log, Binary Log and the Slow Query Log. Usage: pt-query-digest slow.log to get the slowest queries from logs, where slow.log is the log file name. The log file is usually in the default directory. The ...

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