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What was the exact error you faced ? Did Exec_Master_Log_Pos change post skipping the error ? It may have happened that you did skip the error and there was another error post that (like in case of duplicate key errors)


If you are trying to rollback to previous state after making logical changes i.e. DDL/DMLs - then xtrabackup can help. However, so is making a raw copy of the data while MySQL is shutdown before making the changes. Once you are done with the changes, stop MySQL then restore the previous copy, start it back up. If you are looking for a more complex point in ...


Perhaps you are hitting full disk conditions? This bug could be related:


Amit, the problem is that this variable is set to reload a copy of the buffer pool dumped to disk during a stop/restart process. In order to achieve this you need to set innodb_buffer_pool_dump_at_shutdown to ON prior to restart your server, please check this link for further info: ...

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