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ALTER Table is executed using TOI which executed independently on all node parallely w/o waiting for it to complete on base node and then being replicated (this applies only for DML). Also, I see you are using 5.5 which in general had lot of issues in past. It is good if you can upgrade your setup to 5.6.


I donot think there is --ask-pass in xtrabackup! You might want to write a wrapper shell script which will echo enter mysql password read -s pw and then pass it as --password=$pw.


The InnoDB/XtraDB is a table engine, it has no say in parsing SQL. Thats another layer, which should be mostly engine independent. MariaDB 5.5 is supposed to be 99.99% SQL compatible with MySQL 5.5 (there were some minor hiccups) and MariaDB 10.x is backward compatible with 5.5. With MariaDB 10 and MySQL 5.6 (and now 5.7) the paths diverged somehow - some ...

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