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It depends on your DB type. If you use InnoDB, query cache is not required. Moreover query cache harms the speed of overall performance. Hence, if you use MyISAM for wordpress, you should use it.


Unless your production database is mission-critical and restore time is of the utmost importance, I would generally suggest that you wait to run the apply-log until you need the backup. Advantages of running apply-log immediately after taking a backup: Your backup is ready for use immediately (with --move-back / --copy-back), saving you precious time in ...


A quick 101 on Percona Xtrabackup: Basically, what the tool does is copying the data live in an inconsistent way, but making sure it gets all the necessary changes that are happening at copy time, so it can revert it to a proper state. In other words, it does an "unclean full copy" and then a "controlled crash recovery" with a custom InnoDB instance. That ...


With a single write master <> master setup, I don't need to worry about setting the auto_increment_offset correct? Yes, you are right. I have setup Master-Master setups for years with one Write Master. I never touched the auto_increment options. Never had an incident. Does MySQL replicate all databases by default, or do I need to explicitly ...

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