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You are performing an index rebuild on Standard edition. As documented here you would need Enterprise or Developer edition to see parallelism for this.


I would use extended events for this to break down the wait stats per query. You can then see how much of it was waiting on "Network_IO" vs. mostly everything else. There are a lot of wait stats and most of them would be server side work but not all so make sure you review all the other significant wait stats and also the time it took to come up with the ...


There are a couple of things to say about this, Dynamics AX performance is not necessarily always caused by SQL Server slowness, especially if you say "everything is slow". When faced with performance issues in Dynamics AX I tend to use the following approach: First start with reviewing resources on all servers involved (cpu pressure, memory pressure, ...


I would first configure the server according to best practices including: RCSI MAXDOP = 1 TempDB Memory Settings etc... Then if performance is still an issue, dig into the most resource intensive queries and try to optimize those...though, I believe in AX everything is cursor based.

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