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The 'provider' is the driver required to allow SQL Server to talk to the remote server. These are normally installed pieces of software, so can't simply be copied between machines. While not being overly familiar with PervasiveDB, I would assume that like most other manufacturers drivers, it will be included in their client release, which is available for ...


You will need to set up a System DSN in order to connect to it using the ODBC drivers from SSMS/SQL Server - simple installing the drivers is not enough. I had to do the same in order to connect to an older instance that our company uses. Here is an excellent link that will help guide you through the process:


Possible, yes. We can't really give you guidance without more info, but you can generally build in logic regarding synchronization and use external apps to synchronize as you need to as a last resort. PostreSQL also has,a bunch of other tools you might be able to use on that side including untrusted stored procedure languages. It might not be easy, and it ...

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