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Try this SELECT a.descendant_id , CASE a.path_length WHEN 0 THEN null ELSE a.ancestor_id END ancestor_id , CASE a.path_length WHEN 0 THEN null ELSE a.path_length END path_length FROM webineh_prefix_nodes_paths AS a JOIN ( SELECT descendant_id, MIN(CASE path_length WHEN 0 THEN 1000 ELSE path_length END) min_path FROM ( SELECT a.* ...


Not exactly, but you might be able to improve things regardless. For instance, in a database structure tab, you can sort based on any of the columns; table name, row count, collation, etc. In your specific example, you could simply sort the tables in reverse order (by clicking the "Table" header to invert the default sort order), though of course that isn't ...


Any specific reason to migrate to MySQL? Else MySQL Workbench will work. You'll always have to take into consideration any functions/triggers, etc. that might contain advanced pgsql syntax, etc.

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