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It will be available in 9.5. Here is actual git commit https://github.com/postgres/postgres/commit/08309aaf74ee879699165ec8a2d53e56f2d2e947 Discussion on pg hackers http://postgresql.nabble.com/CREATE-IF-NOT-EXISTS-INDEX-td5821173.html


You can work around this restriction and make plpgsql emit error context as desired by calling another function that raises (warning, notice, ...) the error for you. I posted a solution for that a couple of years back - in one of my first posts here on dba.SE: -- helper function to raise an exception with CONTEXT CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_raise(_lvl ...


This behaviour appears to be by design. In src/pl/plpgsql/src/pl_exec.c the error context callback explicitly checks to see if it's being called in the context of a PL/PgSQL RAISE statement and, if so, skips emitting the error context: /* * error context callback to let us supply a call-stack traceback */ static void plpgsql_exec_error_callback(void ...

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