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Use a query to generate a drop type script [in SQL Plus]: set lines 132 set head off set pages 0 spool drop_types.sql select 'drop type '||type_name||';' from user_types; spool off Then execute the script in SQL Plus: @drop_types.sql


The error message is self-explanatory: PLS-00221: 'GET_DDL' is not a procedure or is undefined GET_DDL is not a procedure, its a function that returns a CLOB value. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e25788/d_metada.htm#ARPLS66885


You should return something when nothing is found. Before exception comment in the statement. The way your routine is written it may does find nothing and then hits the end of the function without returning anything, hence the error function returned without value. Workaround : Handle it with the exception exception when TOO_MANY_ROWS then return ...


new to PL SQL here, and wanted to help with what i know... A record is similar to a table row, can hold one value for each column at a time. cursors are like "tables" they may hold multiple rows (records if you will). this is one way how you can declare a record: DECLARE TYPE myRecType IS RECORD ( [COLUMN NAME] [DATA TYPE], . .. ); Cursors can ...

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