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You will probably want the postgis2_94.x86_64 package from the pgdg94 repository, because that is the official RPM package repository for the PostgreSQL project. It also includes a rich ecosystem of tools around PostgreSQL in addition to all of the currently supported PostgreSQL releases according to the Versioning Policy of the PostgreSQL project.


Best use ST_DWithin() in a LATERAL join: SELECT t.*, neighbor.* -- or only selected columns FROM tbl t LEFT JOIN LATERAL ( SELECT * FROM tbl t1 WHERE ST_DWithin(t.geo_point, t1.geo_point, 5000 * 1.609344) ) neighbor ON true WHERE t.address = 'my_address'; -- to restrict to a particular address 1.609344 being the factor for converting ...


I finally solved this using this scheme (not as simple as firstly expected): SELECT ST_X(geom) as value, ST_Y(geom) as datetime from ( select (ST_DumpPoints(simplifiedLine)).* as g1 from ( SELECT ST_Simplify(ST_MakeLine(the_geom.resulted), 15) as simplifiedLine FROM ( SELECT ST_MakePoint(value, extract(EPOCH FROM datetime)) as ...


In PostGIS a path is called line. You can use ST_MakeLine to conncat your points to a line. So extend your query with somthinge like: SELECT ST_Simplify(ST_MakeLine(POINT(value , extract(EPOCH FROM datetime)))) AS simplified_line FROM table; You should consider to define an order by clause.

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