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in Your way, also EXPORT PGDATA=/newdisk/newdata but also You can move all files to the new disk, and mount this disk to old PGDATA path (if all disk for PGSQL only) Edit your /etc/fstab: /dev/disk_name /usr/local/psql/data auto defaults 1 2


If you've not changed those parameters they should be enabled by default. You should only need to uncomment them if you're going to change them. You can check the running parameters for the server with SHOW ALL; or by specific parameter, e.g. SHOW fsync; on the psql command line. The wal_sync_method should default to a best guessed method for your ...


The answer will contain two sections - first, what's acceptable to see in the logs after the restore, and second a few examples of what is not. The first section should be fairly deterministic, while the second one is basically a random assortment of whatever happened to us that indicated we had a problem. Acceptable log output at the start: 2015-07-23 ...

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