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You should get the maximum value from then: Select b.enumber, b.bday, max( as current_pay From employee b inner join humanr c on b.empid = c.empid group by b.enumber, b.bday


There are many ways to do this. Many will work both in SQL Server and Postgres, like using the ROW_NUMBER() function: WITH cte AS ( SELECT e.enumber, e.bday, c.empid,, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY c.empid ORDER BY DESC) AS rn FROM employee AS e INNER JOIN humanr AS c ON e.empid = ...


Stop postgresql service cp -a source_data_directory destination_data_directory chown -R postgres_user /destination_data_directory export PGDATA=destination_data_directory Changing data directory to destination_data_directory within postgresql.conf pg_ctl start

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