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You must either be the superuser or logged in as the same user who owns the session you wish to cancel. So connect as user myuser and you'll be able to pg_cancel_backend, or, if that doesn't respond, pg_terminate_backend.


Another approach which should work for you is to install PostgreSQL from the PostgreSQL Global Development Group's APT repository. They provide compiled versions of PostgreSQL for all supported versions of PostgreSQL and all supported versions of Ubuntu (and of course some versions of Debian). https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt is the starting point for ...


@a_horse_with_no_name is quite right. Because you compiled PostgreSQL from source, the usual tools provided by pg_wrapper like pg_ctlcluster and pg_lsclusters are not available. As a result the PostgreSQL init scripts on Ubuntu won't start your PostgreSQL 9.1 DB. You could hook your custom binaries into pg_wrapper, but it's not worth the hassle for a ...


wal-e backup push will NOT push any wal files to s3. So this backup will be mostly unrecoverable. Use archive_command = '... wal-e wal-push %p' on master to make this backup usable.

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