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Every time I had to do this, I used the RML Utilities (x86 and x64 package download links can be found on this page). Basically, you just have to set up a server-side trace using one of the templates included in the package. The captured trace can be analyzed using ReadTrace (included in RML Utilities) and it populates a database with query analysis ...


The question is unanswerable as asked since stored procedures do not produce result sets. Only (certain) statements produce result sets. Executing procedures may produce none, one or more results sets depending on the statements contained and the branches executed. For statements the row count will be tracked in sys.dm_exec_query_stats. Result sets have no ...


This is the new profile for the same query (the original query i posted) with the (type, posted_on) compound index. Much better results !


Rather than tweaking configs for query optimizing internals, do the following SUGGESTION #1 You may want to refactor the query as follows select t.id, t.subject, count(distinct p.id) as postCount from thread t left join ( select id,thread_id from post where type=0 and posted_on >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 3 DAY) order by ...

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