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Or you could just create one claim table with columns for the various types and a typeid column linked to a claim type table. Sure, you will have empty or null columns for certain claims but that's not a bad thing.


From the comments added to the original question, I gather that the central problem with the legacy design centers around types and subtypes (often called classes and subclasses) of claims. This is a classic problem in relational design, Often, new database designers will have had some formal learning concerning many-to-many relationships, data ...


PostgreSQL and MySQL will also be able to sustain this import, provided the Staging table to which you import should be simple with out indexes and all so as to speed up the import. Unless we get to know about the Transformation logic involved during the import, no good solution can be offered.


I'm not sure what you really want but the official documentation is a good place to start, all 86 pages of it. Just thinking about Oracle error codes gets me all nostalgic for those cryptic messages ORA-00600: internal error code (something happened but we can't tell you) ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel (you, or your database or your ...

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