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You need to restore/recover your database. If you can't then yes the code is buried in the system table spaces. But it won't be easy looking through the data file with a hex editor trying to find the code. You should either try to restore the database or just rewrite the code. Do you have a backup of your database? Do you have all of the data files, control ...


myisamchck did its best job, so that may be the maximum what you can get out of mytable.MYD. The structure of MyISAM record is pretty simple, integers are stored in packed format, strings are prefixed with their length(1 or 2 bytes). So you can write a C program with pre-defined pattern that would try to fetch records of out the MYD file. This approached ...


Many (most?) redo records actually need the block to be in some reasonable state in order to replay into it. Consider: Not all WAL records are row-level. Say you read and replay a WAL record that says "I defragmented this block according to the usual rule of defragmenting blocks". This would be a deterministic operation given the correct starting ...


If you do not have any backups that contains the deleted table, you can't restore the database to it's original form.

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