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Restart the db mirroring end point: --To stop ALTER ENDPOINT<Endpoint Name> STATE=STOPPED --To start ALTER ENDPOINT<Endpoint Name> STATE=STARTED


To repair a corrupt .mdb database of MS Access, one can try Compact and Repair feature of MS Access. It repairs corrupt database and makes it accessible for database users. Other than this one can also use import feature of MS Access that helps database users import their corrupt database to a new database file. If both these solutions fail to fix this ...


Have a try Open access, go to the database tools tab, select compact and repair database. You can choose the database from there. Make sure you have a copy before you compact and repair. Have a look on the below link. http://semnaitik.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/how-to-repair-corrupt-access-database/


There are multiple ways to get to the intended target recovery point with your setup. A few things: You cannot eliminate log backups for the most important reason of transaction log re-use. It's not possible to know when an issue will occur and thus having multiple ways to get to the RPO is useful and sometimes necessary. Differentials aren't a substitute ...


There are lot of things I would like to say What I'm looking for is some suggestions or 'gotchas' that may arise from switching some to the FULL recovery model. As far as I know if you change recovery model of database during maintenance window time or when load is relatively less there wont be any problem. It wont create a situation. I'm also ...


When you are scheduling your index rebuilds, is this during an maintenance window with no application - user activities ? Line of business might need point-in-time ( PIT ) recovery so leave in FULL and monitor; or get exception for this window. Sounds like you have scoped this change OK ! Best luck.


As far as I know you can't do that with DB2. Deltas and Incrementals will be based off of the last full backup taken (either offline or online). If anything it would cause one to adjust your recovery strategy for that week. If you needed the data however, why not just copy the backups you need (the full and any deltas/incrementals) and restore those ...

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