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STARTUP2 state could be due to not enough disc space. Well, since there is no where to sync, it can only stay @ STARTUP2 state.


Community Wiki answer generated from comments on the question by akuzminsky User data are in *.ibd files. So, from just ibdata1 and logfiles - not possible. What you need is take an image from the disk, parse it with stream_parser and if it finds InnoDB pages fetch records from them with c_parser (search for undrop-for-innodb). For the future, but make ...


Since you mentioned earlier that your DB gets restored daily and it has different filegroups, it seems to me the case of piecemeal restore. You need to check the script used for restore and make sure it is recovering all the filegroups present in the DB backup. It looks like currently the script is only recovering primary filegroup and skipping the others ...

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