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As per my understanding of your specifications, your scenario involves a ternary relationship. In this regard, you need to define (a) the relationship between a Person and a Survey, (b) the relationship between a Survey and a Question, and (c) the entity type that produces a connection between these two relationships and, as a consequence, between the three ...


This is one reason why I don't like to prefix columns when migrating them as foreign keys. In your first case, the modeling tool may force you to prefix one of the survey_id columns in the survey_person_question_response table. You may be able to adjust this after the relationship is made. If necessary remove the redundant survey id field when you build ...


I would only introduce a shipping details table if you have a high number of orders going to the same place. This would save on space as the address wouldn't be repeated multiple times. But you might want to do something like that if you have users with multiple different shipping destinations that they use.

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