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Two good discussions can be found here and here. XML pros Export and transfer Flexible "application or data source is robust even if the data schema changes. XML enables your application to be extensible because you access the XML-formatted data by using element and attribute names instead of offsets" RDBMS pros Indexing Integrity and other constraints ...


I use XML when I need more flexible structure than a database table can offer. When you have data that you do not know exactly the structure beforehand, it could be profitable to store it as XML. You can store such XML in a relational database field, as many e-learning systems do. In fact e-learning course structure is a good example because individual ...


If you want a history of the all the players that have passed in that team the approach: Team 1:N Contracts N:1 Players is fine. Otherwise if you just want to know the players that are currently in the team and contract is not a needed information for you, the approach: Team 1:N Player will also work

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