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Maybe those files are not cataloged by RMAN? I would CATALOG them and then DELETE OBSOLETE once again.


You should be able to backup an database using RMAN with an RMAN repository that is set to There seems to be some invalid objects in your RMAN repository schema. You may want to try compiling all of the invalid objects in your RMAN repository to see if they become valid. This probably has nothing to do with you backing up an ...


Use datapump if you want platform independency (windows to linux and vice versa) exdp imdp I can send you my classnotes if you want. Today's lesson was about datapump lol.


There are no architecture differences in RMAN itself. The difference is in the speed of the backups if written to the Exadata on-board storage. So the advantages that Exadata brings in terms of hardware would also translate to advantages in backup speed and MTR (mean time to recovery). But none of those advantages are the result of changes to RMAN.

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