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The duplicate database ... from active database is designed to work without any existing backup. I would expect Oracle to clean up the archivelogs which were used during the clone process. So I would say this is an unexpected behavior. Try to log a Service Request at Oracle. I cannot recall if I had to clean up archivelogs after a clone processes. Well, I ...


I suspect it is related to network config, e.g. DNS / IP address / firewall, etc. Can you sqlplus to the tns "remotedr" from primary? You should get something along "sqlplus failed because instance not opened", if the config ia correct. If not, you may try step by step turning off firewall, convert DNS to IP in tnsnames.ora.


a) The command alter database open showed: ORA-01190: control file or data file 1 is from before the last RESETLOGS ORA-01110: data file 1: '+DATA/db-name/datafile/system.333.741265951' This can have several reasons but in your case it means that the database found redologs which do not fit the controlfile/datafiles. This probably happened like this: ...


Commands to restore database without needing to apply redo. If you don;t want the database to roll forward make sure that there are no files in the archive log directory. You can tar and delete them or just move them elsewhere. shutdown abort; startup nomount; restore controlfile from '/u02/backups/dbname/dbname_1cpqqnpv_1_1_20141222_1'; alter database ...


http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/backup.102/b14191/rcmconc1.htm#BRADV111 If CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP is ON, then RMAN automatically backs up the control file and the current server parameter file (if used to start up the database) in one of two circumstances: when a successful backup must be recorded in the RMAN repository, and when a ...


Yes, you can. The backup entries in the controlfile point to 'E:...', so after restoring the controlfile, you will have to catalog the backup pieces in RMAN by: catalog start with 'G:\'; After this you can restore the database.

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