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Oracle will write all the datafiles and such to your DATA directory. You actually have to create a backup in the +flash_recovery_area you have created. What sort of backup are you trying to create? What command are you using to create your backup? For instance, if you wanted to execute a Level 0 IMAGE COPY, you could issue the following command: backup ...


Proper backup syntax should have been: backup database tag "first" plus archivelog tag "first"; Now if you look into your list backup output you can notice that only backupsets with archivelogs has tag FIRST. Backupset containing backup of datafiles has autogenerated tag TAG20150515T105436.


Don't specify two conflicting FORMATs (you have one in the ALLOCATE CHANNEL command and one in the BACKUP command). If and when you need different FORMATs (e.g. one for database datafile backups, one for archivelog backups and one for controlfile backups) specify them explicitly with the BACKUP command. Eg: > rman target mydatabase shutdown; ...

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