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From what I can see, RockMongo does not support the creation of geo indexes directly. Because creating an index is really just an insert into the system.indexes collection for the database (ensureIndex is just a shell helper), it is possible. So, you can still do it via RockMongo, but it is arguably more complicated than using the CLI. Here is how I ...


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Technically you don't have this feature in MySQL either - PHPMyAdmin is a third part tool just like rockmongo, but basically rockmongo does not have the features you want. I am sure there are features people would like in PHPMyAdmin too that are not there yet. When that happens you basically have 3 options: Request the feature from the people running the ...


To iterate through and list out all of the items returned by the cursor from find(), I used something like this: function () { var cur = db.tablebusiness.find({ "_id": "the-simmons-paradise__41.85_-87.88" }); var result = []; cur.forEach(function(item) { result.push(item); }); return result; } Since you need to actually return the ...


The find() method returns a cursor object. In order to view the first returned record in the cursor you must call the next() method. function () { return db.tablebusiness.find({ "_id": "the-simmons-paradise__41.85_-87.88" }).next(); }

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