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No. It would be true if all the rows were of exact the same size in single user mode. Imagine situation when row wont' fit into particular block because it does not fit in it. So this row will be put into the "next" block. Then you insert some smaller row, this one will be put into the previous block. In most cases when doing full table scans the rows are ...


You have essentially no guarantees about the sequence of ROWIDs. From the ROWID Pseudocolumn docs: If you delete a row, then Oracle may reassign its rowid to a new row inserted later. So the delete scenario has a potential for not being sequential. The ROWID encodes a relative file number and block number. There is no guarantee that these will ...


I have found that it's best to create the JSON, then aggregate it. e.g. with base as ( select a, b, ('{"ecks":"' || x || '","wai":"' || y || '","zee":"' || z || '"}"')::json c ) select (a, b, array_to_json(array_agg(c)) as c) Note this can be done as a subquery if you don't like CTEs

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