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At some point of scaling up you need to buy low-volume high-capacity parts. Low volume is expensive because development costs can be amortized less. There are few systems with 16 sockets in the world. Also, vendors take demand for high-capacity parts as a indication that you make a lot of revenue through this system. They then increase margins assuming that ...


In some cases (perhaps most) the servers are already at capacity physically. An increase in the number of CPU's would require a motherboard swap. To add RAM to an existing server could be expensive, depending on how old the server is. Memory modules more than 5 years old and sourced from a dealer can be prohibitively expensive. What all this amounts to ...


Here is the mongodb documentation on how to covert replica set to a sharded cluster. http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/convert-replica-set-to-replicated-shard-cluster/ You can follow these steps except creating and adding replica set/sets you can add your standalone instance to the sharded cluster.


Parse the JSON when the record in inserted, not later. (OK, maybe you need to collect the JSON in a "staging" table between arrival and processing.) When you parse the JSON, extract only the fields that you need to manipulate/search/etc in MySQL. Be conservative. Don't extract many fields. Leave the JSON as is in case you need the details later. It ...

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