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As it appears on the manual, use the option --difftype=sql in order to obtain the results as ALTER TABLEs. You have an example on a recent MySQL Performance Blog post: $ mysqldiff --force --difftype=sql \ --server1=root:msandbox@ \ --server2=root:msandbox@ \ employees:employees


I am reluctant to post this as an answer, because I don't have a tangible example to post with code, but I pointed Mark to Erland Sommarskog's great article, Giving Permissions through Stored Procedures, which has a section on Signing Procedures with Certificates. Cert signing seems to be the right approach for forcing data access through a procedure ...


From my answer on stack overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/a/29772759/2534472 Ok, let's have a look at your 2NF attempt: Student studentID | studentName | courseCode | modCode | resultCode Course courseCode | courseTitle Module modCode | modTitle | credits Let's talk about Student first. Your key cannot be studentID, because ...

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