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This happens when not having USAGE privilege on any of the schemas of search_path. By default the pseudo-role public (all users) has this privilege on the publicschema, so this error happens only after revoking it explicitly with: revoke usage on schema public from public; This is required when it's not desirable that people peek into other people ...


This schema would make sense to me: tblCompany ( Company_ID PK Company_Name ) tblProduct ( Prod_No PK Company_ID FK_tblCompany_CompanyID Prod_Name Prod_Mark_No Prod_Catalogue Prod_Type Prod_Expiry_Date Prod_Verify_Date Prod_Comments ) You could have separate tables for product type and product catalogue to get to 3NF but that's a ...


An owner of a database object has full rights on it automatically and unrevokably. But of course you can give an user all rights to a schema without making him the owner.

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