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Yes you can. Per documentation: Note that the user performing the insert, update or delete on the view must have the corresponding insert, update or delete privilege on the view. In addition the view's owner must have the relevant privileges on the underlying base relations, but the user performing the update does not need any permissions on the ...


They are the same thing in a default installation. pg_catalog.text is the schema-qualified version of the type name text. The search_path always contains pg_catalog automatically. Per documentation: In addition to public and user-created schemas, each database contains a pg_catalog schema, which contains the system tables and all the built-in data ...


MongoDB at least to current version 2.6+ for sure does not support that as build-in functionality. I guess because a replica set using selective replication won't be consistent. There is a feature called filtered replication in Couch but never tried it: http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/Replication#Filtered_Replication

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