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Put this at the top of your script: Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Data Yes it's part of the OS, and no this is not normally required, but there must be some issue from the combination of your OS version + PowerShell version + SQL 2008 R2.


Kris Johnston said in a comment: nomount/mount/open are the states of the database... something can't connect to the db one way and connect as nomount, and connect to the same db a different way and connect as mount or open. It doesn't work like that. It sounds like you are connecting to a different database altogether. To check, verify the dbid's are ...


To connect to RMAN from the operating system command line and hide authentication information, you must first start RMAN and then perform either of the following actions: Run the CONNECT commands at the RMAN prompt. ... Run a command file at the RMAN prompt that contains the connection information.


The minimum requirement is to have DB2 10.1.4 or DB2 10.5 installed. -createdb: Generate the CREATE DATABASE command that was used to create the source database db2look -d sample -createdb


$SQLPLUS -S username/password@ip:port/servicename<< EOF SQL-STATEMENTS set sqlbl on commit EOF

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