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Here's the line I like to use - it preserves everyone's dignity and lets everyone escape without finger-pointing: "Yes, that used to be a best practice, and..." It’s almost easier to explain that line in terms of what it DOESN’T do. It doesn’t dispute the speaker’s claim, because you don’t want to go down the rathole of arguing about whether or not the ...


Is there a way to trace a SQL session based on the client's TCP port? Yes. You can query sys.dm_exec_connections to identify a session from the client's TCP port (column client_tcp_port). For example: SELECT DEC.session_id FROM sys.dm_exec_connections AS DEC WHERE DEC.client_net_address = '' AND DEC.client_tcp_port = 63465;


Ensure you have a mountain of documentation, both of your current system's flaws, and how to fix them. It's no use just saying "everything sucks bad" unless you have a plan, and can show real benefits to the business of making the change.


Facts Seriously, it's all about facts. I have less than six months of SQL experience, whereas the managers and former developers were working on this project for several years That means nothing to me. I'd rather work with a 6-month DBA that has the thirst for knowledge and engineering approach to databases, then an "experienced" person that thinks ...


You also need to verify that the AD account will have access to the parts of the file system that it might need. We ran into this awhile ago, and I don't remember which jib had an issue. Could have been backup, or something else. If you're using SQL to connect to remote SQL Servers, then it depends on if you are using linked servers. Linked servers use ...


That is quite a broad question (and is likely to be closed as such so you might want to describe you situation in more detail), so I'll go for a broad answer in the hope it'll give you some keywords to help research further. You seem to be more concerned about data safety than security, but I'll touch on the latter anyway: basically make sure access to the ...

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