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DB_NAME does not work as advertised before SQL Server 2016 (where the behaviour of DB_ID is also changed). For details, see: Information disclosure with the db_name and db_id function (Connect bug report) There is a similar situation with other metadata functions, including: suser_name suser_sname suser_sid user_id database_principal_id is_rolemember ...


In and of itself, no, you are probably not adding a security risk. As long as no one but a sysadmin can alter the procedure and as long as the ONLY thing the procedure can do is start a job I don't see a problem. The risks come in with the fact that MSDB is (and is supposed to be) marked as TRUSTWORTHY. That means that by using EXECUTE AS OWNER you are ...


Streaming replication in PostgreSQL uses the same security mechanisms as a normal frontend-backend connection. So in order to encrypt the traffic, SSL should be used, and access control should be set up. Alternatively, or additionally, consider a VPN of some kind. PostgreSQL instances aren't really meant to be run facing the open internet.

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