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For normal roles, permissions for all role memberships are cumulative and DENY takes precedence over GRANT. However, sysadmin is a special case. SQL Server permissions are not checked for sysadmin role members so members of that role have full permissions to all databases on the instance.


The security concept of SQL Servers differentiate between login and user. A login is at the SQL Server instance level and can be mapped to different users for different databases, as long as the database user is a SQL user and not a Windows user. You could create the Windows login and the user (both having the same name) followed by script that copies the ...


In Vedran's code which you reference, he also signs the stored procedure in the other database. I do not see in your code that you have taken that final step. Erland Sommarskog has an extensive discussion at http://www.sommarskog.se/grantperm.html of this problem. This includes a discussion of, in his words, "the Problematic EXECUTE AS". In the following ...

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