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The answer to my question comes from an article I found this afternoon and I completely understand what I was doing wrong before. http://demarcsek92.blogspot.com/2014/05/mongodb-ssl-setup.html I'll explain a little more because of the suggestion from Markus. Originally I was generating client and server key/certification pairs from a root CA that I had ...


The entire folder should be owned by mysql cd /usr/local/mysql-5.6.21-osx10.8-x86_64/data/ chown -R mysql:mysql * Then go restart mysql Give it a Try !!!


Try this instead: UPDATE student SET [Status] = CASE WHEN struc.Mode IS NOT NULL THEN 'Cleared' ELSE 'Not Cleared' END FROM FeeStudent student LEFT JOIN FeeStructure struc ON student.Mode = struc.Mode AND student.[Level] = struc.[Level] AND student.SEM = struc.Semester AND student.Paid = struc.Amount

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