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In shrink action, you need to choose: "Reorganize pages before releasing unused space" And choose desidered size. Actually you don't have released space because you have still used pages ad the end of your file.


Well this could have many reasons. I will mention all possible reasons and afterwards define solutions to solve the issue. As your DBCC output mentions, you have not enough disc space available to shrink the database file. In other words. You try to move pages from your database file to a newly created file. During this time, the pages exists two times. ...


Should I turn to simple recovery model and truncate? That would be the worst thing to do it would break away mirroring and if you have big database you would again have to follow the whole process of creating mirroring again that could well be a tedious task. Should I stop mirroring, do what I should do to principal database and then enable ...

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