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If you would like to manually control this, here are some suggestions Login to Window Command Line Shell as Administrator and run this C:\> net stop mysql When the prompt comes back, MySQL is down. If you shutdown Windows, the only evidence for MySQL's shutdown would be in the error log. EXAMPLE On my laptop I have MySQL 5.5.37 for Windows It's ...


One perfect example why root access even for admins is bad. Maintaining a sudoers file and a centralized database of privileged users and groups(LDAP for example) would help solving problems like this. One note: the wrongdoer might well be a cronjob. I'd check that.


For security concern who executed what queries at what time etc.. you should use "Audit Plugins". You can refer my existing answer here http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/62477/6037 Ofcourse you can find "mysqladmin" using shell histories or tracing "General/Error log" of MySQL server. For example if you have General log enabled either in a "Table" or "File" ...


Check the secure log in the event it was run via a sudo service call sudo grep mysql /var/log/secure Check to see if there's any mysql related stuff going on in cronjobs sudo grep mysql /var/log/cron Check shell histories for mysqladmin calls cd /home; for u in *: do; sudo grep mysql /home/$u/.bash_history; done Check with people you know that either ...

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