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Another perspective will be to take backups and restore them - since you are just creating empty database and schema with some lookup values. Also, just inserting 50K rows, the database wont be that big. If you use compression the backup size will be less as well. You can have a TSQL Agent jobs or just scripts (may be you can create stored procedure and ...


Unfortunately, it's by design. Taken from BOL page "Revert a Database to a Database Snapshot": Limitations and Restrictions Reverting is unsupported under the following conditions: The database must currently have only one database snapshot, to which you plan to revert. Any read-only or compressed filegroups exist in the database. ...


In order to be able to create a database snapshot, you will need CREATE DATABASE permissions as well as db_owner on the database you want to snapshot. I have tested this and it works perfectly fine. The other solution is to grant dbcreator server role to the login that needs this privilege. This works too. It seems that with 'Any user who can create a ...


Use Stellar, it's like git for databases: Stellar allows you to quickly restore database when you are e.g. writing database migrations, switching branches or messing with SQL. PostgreSQL and MySQL (partially) are supported.

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