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To feed into the map app, you need lat and lng as two numbers, not a Point. Datatype(s) bytes Resolution FLOAT 8 1.7 m 5.6 ft DECIMAL(8,6)/(9,6) 9 16cm 1/2 ft (These resolutions disagree with the link give because I account for both lat and lng.)


A point consist of two double precision values. You store the same information, same size on disk and in RAM. But with a slightly different set of constraints. Two separate columns can be NULL or not independently. A point can only be NULL as a whole: Why does the behavior of array syntax differ from '(?,?)' syntax when updating a point field and ...


As they stated 6 positions is all you need for Google maps - likely enough to not lose precision with a float. They may have correcting logic and likely don't have any mission critical apps running off standard API access (maybe??). Good answer concerning precision of coordinates here ...

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