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Your current setup seems to be on the right track. I would cut SSIS out of the equation - the stored procedure INSERTs into the staging table, and then a C# app pulls the data out, creates the XML files, and SFTPs the files off to the destination. I realize that's more a 'developer' solution than an 'DBA' solution, but flat files and SFTP are not things ...


how to stored the actual IP address - in text or bytes format. Which is going to be better? Since "text" here refers to VARCHAR(45) and "bytes" refers to VARBINARY(16), I would say: neither. Given the following information (from Wikipedia article on IPv6): Address representation The 128 bits of an IPv6 address are represented in 8 groups of 16 ...


Smaller is always going to be faster. With smaller values you can fit more of them into a single page, therefore less IO, potentially shallower B-Trees etc. All other things (translation overhead, readability, compatibility, CPU load, index sargability etc.) being equal, of course.

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