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-- Guessed table definition CREATE TABLE dbo.Example ( [ID] integer NOT NULL, [Name] char(1) NOT NULL, EffectiveDate datetime NOT NULL, [Status] varchar(3) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT CUQ_dbo_Example_Name_EffectiveDate UNIQUE CLUSTERED ([Name], EffectiveDate DESC), CONSTRAINT PK_dbo_Example_ID PRIMARY ...


select t.* from tableName t join tableName tt on (tt.ID = t.ID+1 and tt.[Status] <> t.[Status]) union select * from (select top 1 * from tableName order by Effective_date)T it's not pretty, but works


First I will just summarize my answer to this same question posted on Stack Overflow: No, it is not possible to intercept a query request. Even if it were possible, what you are requesting ignores the complexity of what is considered valid SQL. The variations on a simple SELECT * FROM sys.objects increases dramatically when considering spacing, returns, [ ...


So you need to make a choice: Change to Compatibility Level = 100 and break your code. Set Compatibility Level = 80 and your code will live a little longer. Find some way to globally edit your code, dynamically or statically, so that you can switch to Compatibility Level = 100. It would be interesting to understand why you want Level = 100 when you do ...

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